I began my studies at ESMOD, an international and private fashion school in Munich,
in September 2003 and graduated successfully in 2006.
During my studies I have already been collaborating closely with well-known and
established companies. Moreover, I proved myself into multiple national and
international fashion competitions with honour.
Following, I began to work as a productmanager and design assistant for ACTLIVE,
the functional fashionline of Marithé and Francois Girbaud, in Kitzbühel.

In April 2008 I moved to Berlin on my own accord to design and realize a collection,
which was sponsored by Pfaff in the course of winning at the Catwork competition.
Since then I have been self-employed and working as a freelance designer for renowned
companies, which are active in various fields of fashion. Besides sportswear,
(functional) workwear, women´s-, men’s- and children´s outerwear, I´m also designing
merchandise and fashionable products.

Due to my experience and former activities my feeling for trends is based on
substantiated garment-technological and manufacturing know-how. I also possess
the ability to organize and act independently while keeping the sales in mind.
Furthermore, I am accustomed to associate with international and high-fashion clients,
who appreciate my extraordinary intuition to appeal to consumers.
That is why time and again many satisfied customers trust in my sharp sense of style.

For detailed information and further insight into my CV please be so kind and contact me.
You are also welcome to send me your request and I will compile a targeted selection of
my worksamples for you personally.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!